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The Idea of the Self-Portrait (on Cezanne and Self-Knowledge)

I was given an incredibly thoughtful gift from my partner for Valentine’s Day — a captivating self-portrait by Cezanne, circa 1879. It seems to me magnificently thoughtful because, while I have elaborated in great detail my adoration of Cezanne’s works, I would never have thought to purchase this particular self-portrait myself, but she recalled how […]

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Kierkegaard on romantic love (and valentine’s day, and self-renouncing love)

Oh, Valentine’s day, a time for romantic love and the celebration of lust. Like any other “holiday”, I think to myself, “what would Kierkegaard have to say about this day?” I think he would say, “Hey romantic love is great and all, but you really need to try out self-renouncing love, it’s really cool!” Alright, […]

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The Ethics of Love (care ethics, partiality, and pluralism)

With Valentine’s day upon us, now seems a good time to touch on a metaethical view I have on the whole neglected: care ethics, a moral methodology based in love. It’s an interesting approach to morality arguing that the most basic and preliminary ethical relationship is between a mother and her child, such that our […]

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