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A Response to Attorney General Lynch’s Argument Against Police Reporting Fatal Shootings

Buried in the utterly devastating headlines of a mass shooting in Oregon, the U.S. government’s committing of war crimes in bombing a hospital in Afghanistan, deaths in South Carolina from historically severe floods exaggerated by climate change and a final deal reached between negotiators for a trade pact that grants incredible protections to corporate powers […]

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Department of Justice Won’t Actually Bring Executives that run Financialized Capitalism to Justice

The Justice Department on September 9th released a memo making it a policy to “prioritize the prosecution of individual employees – not just their companies”, in a move widely believed to address the inexcusable failure of the Obama administration to hold the Wall Street Elite responsible for the global economic calamity they caused that did […]

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Tsarnaev (and capital punishment, the morality of the death penalty, and equivocation)

The Justice Department has announced that it will seek the death penalty against the surviving Boston bomber, 20 year old, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Now seems a good time to consider the arguments for whether the death penalty is a just punishment. I recognize, of course, that the Justice Department might be pursuing the death penalty in […]

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