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Kant’s Critique of Descartes (and time, immediacy, and the external world)

Yesterday I wrote on my favorite philosopher from the Modern tradition, Immanuel Kant, and troubles for his theory – today I want to briefly touch on his critique of the man who began said tradition, Rene Descartes, in order to put Kant’s theory in context. Kant sets his sights on Descartes’ rationalistic theory, but which […]

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Her (and the Turing test and expressing humanity)

Last evening I saw Spike Jonze’s new motion picture ‘Her’, the melancholy drenched tale of a lonely man who falls in love with his highly intelligent operating system. While Joaquin Phoenix exhibited some fantastic talent in his authentic expression of a wide range of emotions, the movie does become monotonous in only having his singular […]

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American Hustle (and hedonism, lying, and the American Dream)

I recently saw “American Hustle”, a Hollywood picture about FBI agents staging sting operations to convict politicians of corruption charges, aided by a con-artist making good on a plea-bargain, played masterfully by Christian Bale. I became convinced Bale was a fantastic actor by his stellar performance in “The Fighter”, wherein he plays the wry and […]

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Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme (and mortality)

Last night I watched my favorite rock outfit, Queens of the Stone Age, perform a mesmerizing two hour show in a small and intimate thousand person occupancy theater in Richmond, Virginia. For those who haven’t heard QOTSA, their sound is of a unique sort; imagine the soundtrack to a silky, sexy debonair vampire king who […]

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