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A Week of New Duos: Reviews: Iyer & Smith, Iggy Pop & Homme, Batman & Superman

Vijay Iyer and Wadada Leo Smith’s “A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke” is stunning. Seemingly a duet between Smith’s ethereal trumpet and Iyer’s probing piano, Nasreen Mohamedi’s drawings and poetry as inspiration makes for a trio. A trio vastly different from the Iyer trio. Though Iyer commands a pulse here, the music lacks Iyer’s characteristic […]

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A Word or Two on Soundbites and Myth at the Third Republican Debate

Fact-checking last night’s Republican debate would be fruitless, these sophists spoke of American myth, reaffirming old lore and telling new fables. It is a testament to the burning desire of the American people for collectivistic pursuit of shared prosperity that we are so vulnerable to the manipulations of nationalistic demagoguery even when it takes a […]

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Arctic Monkeys’ AM and Soren Kierkegaard’s The Seducer’s Diary (on nihilism and rock n’ roll)

About a week ago I finally picked up the latest record by the Arctic Monkeys, AM, (I still only buy CDs) and I have been completely transfixed by it, for a while in a way that I could not understand, as the music is not as uniquely and compellingly challenging as their other recent efforts […]

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Stephen Colbert and Soren Kierkegaard, Freedom Through Irony

Big news in the world of political satire this week, folks: the ridiculously funny Stephen Colbert will be leaving the Colbert Report and it’s character, a facsimile of conservative nut-job Bill O’Reilly, to host the Late Show after David Letterman steps down from the throne. I won’t mince words, I don’t care much for the […]

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Kierkegaard on romantic love (and valentine’s day, and self-renouncing love)

Oh, Valentine’s day, a time for romantic love and the celebration of lust. Like any other “holiday”, I think to myself, “what would Kierkegaard have to say about this day?” I think he would say, “Hey romantic love is great and all, but you really need to try out self-renouncing love, it’s really cool!” Alright, […]

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Inception (and the experience machine, utilitarianism, and existentialism)

SelfAwarePattern’s post from the other day on the problem of solipsism got me thinking about (my favorite solipsistic movie – no apologies to fans of the Matrix) Inception, and its tension with a thought experiment meant to undermine hedonistic utilitarianism posited by Robert Nozick. The Experience Machine Nozick asks us to consider whether we would […]

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Batman (and Kierkegaard on the suspension of ethics)

I am unashamedly a big fan of Batman; I grew up watching the PG-rated cartoons and reading innocent adaptations of the mythology (some more innocent than others — I definitely read “A Death in the Family” a little too young”), and in high school read the more mature trade paperbacks and graphic novels, an interest […]

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