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Notes on Robert Audi’s Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character, pt. III: Character, Responsibility and Virtue

Section III: Character, Responsibility and Virtue “Self-Deception, Rationalization, and the Ethics of Belief” While Audi is to be commended for the broad range of topics considered in this book, this essay is far too psychological for my taste, and so my comments will be brief, due to my lack of familiarity with the area. Audi’s […]

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Futurama’s Bender and Free Will (and compatibilism, Sartre, and jail)

I recently fell in love with ‘Futurama’, the sci-fi action cartoon that merges black, surreal comedy with toilet humor. Being set in the future allows vast technological improvements to be assumed, and with it the anthropomorphizing of everyday objects, making Furturama the heir to the Flintstones, though the apple falls far from the tree in […]

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Agent-Causal Free Will

In perusing WordPress over the past few days I have found that the majority of philosophical entries touch on the issue of free will in some way, such that I have decided that today I will add to this dialogue. My interest in free will is for the most part centered on making room for […]

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