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Keeping them honest #1: The fall of Brian Williams (REBLOG from LEFT FRONT)

Originally posted on Left Front:
As consumers of the news, we rely on the media to faithfully execute their job in delivering the news to us.  However, it is not always the case that they do this.  Sometimes news media outlets purposely lie to us; embellish stories, and only cover one side of an issue. …


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The Idea of the Self-Portrait (on Cezanne and Self-Knowledge)

I was given an incredibly thoughtful gift from my partner for Valentine’s Day — a captivating self-portrait by Cezanne, circa 1879. It seems to me magnificently thoughtful because, while I have elaborated in great detail my adoration of Cezanne’s works, I would never have thought to purchase this particular self-portrait myself, but she recalled how […]

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