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Keeping them honest #1: The fall of Brian Williams (REBLOG from LEFT FRONT)

Originally posted on Left Front:
As consumers of the news, we rely on the media to faithfully execute their job in delivering the news to us.  However, it is not always the case that they do this.  Sometimes news media outlets purposely lie to us; embellish stories, and only cover one side of an issue. …


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“Frank is not a bad person though he does bad actions?” (Reblog)

Originally posted on The Horizon and The Fringe:
There is a lovely blog called AusomeAwestin, and for the purposes of this post, I will address the author as Awestin. I cannot tell to whom the blog belongs, but nobody just writes on Mark Timmons in metaethics without at the very least being either a graduate…

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“Equality — Which?” Reblog from Paradigm Library

Originally posted on Paradigm Library:
A recent academic debate has both disturbed and motivated me. Disturbed because of many reasons but the most relevant, intellectually, is that very smart individuals speak of equality but seem unclear as to what it means, exactly, and how it translates operationally into the various social arrangements. And it has…


“The Hypocrite in Western Liberal Democratic Culture” Reblog

Originally posted on jmeqvist:
Within western liberal democracies, the sin of hypocrisy is viewed as particularly pernicious. This is evidenced by the fact that if someone can be shown to have committed the sin of hypocrisy they are condemned and ignored. For example, I have recently ran into people who consider it to be hypocritical…

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“Moral values aren’t absolute, but aren’t arbitrary either” (reblog)

Originally posted on SelfAwarePatterns:
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m working on another post with details about foundational moral instincts, but after some discussion on the ‘Morality arises from instincts‘ post, I realized that I failed to make a couple of things clear.  So, I’m inserting this additional post to do that. First, let me clarify that,…

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