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On Hillary Clinton’s Comments During her Meeting with Black Lives Matter Activists

Last week Hillary Clinton spoke with Daunasia Yancey and Julius Jones of Black Lives Matter after a town hall meeting, from which Yancey and Jones were prevented from entering by Clinton’s security. Video from the encounter is now available and it must be seen — Clinton is in politician mode but with her usual lack […]

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The Koch Brothers and President Obama both Propose Merely Superficial Reforms of Carceral Apparatuses

If the five corporate media entities that attended last months Koch brothers conference are deserving of criticism for merely restating the Koch Brothers’ dubious claims of being criminal justice reformers and freedom fighters for the poor, they are just as deserving of criticism for “reporting” that President Obama intends to close Guantanamo Bay. Both the […]

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Against “Broken Windows” Policing: A Response to George Kelling

George Kelling, one of the two criminologists to craft the ‘broken windows’ theory of policing has an article up on Politico, that increasingly neoliberal online mag, arguing that his theory has been a success, and where it hasn’t, that failure is due to the community under siege not coming to police itself. Bull. Rather than […]

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Sam Dubose was a Visible Victim of the Increasing Costs of Higher Education, While Victims in the Community are Largely Invisible

In becoming more and more unaffordable, higher education has become an increasingly pronounced appendage in the state security infrastructure that maintains class divisions and inequality; the violence to poor communities is often less direct than what we see here, pushing persons out of their homes in neighborhoods surrounding the campus for amenities expansions that cater […]


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Sandra Bland, Sensenbenner’s SAFE Act and Illusionary Reform

Good news. We’re making progress in reforming police brutality – instead of executing us in the streets police are hanging us in jails and framing us for murdering ourselves. This is the tragic story of Sandra Bland, a black educator and activist who was returning to Waller County, Texas from Chicago to begin a new […]

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