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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Orwell and our “Greatest National Security Threat”

Asked what the greatest national security threat facing the United States is, Hillary Clinton gestured to nuclear weapons, implicating Iran, perhaps Pakistan (though the U.S. is quite cozy with Pakistan, with Obama set to sell eight F-16s to them shortly, despite their enabling and funding the Taliban), Martin O’Malley named nuclear Iran and climate change, and […]

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A Response to Attorney General Lynch’s Argument Against Police Reporting Fatal Shootings

Buried in the utterly devastating headlines of a mass shooting in Oregon, the U.S. government’s committing of war crimes in bombing a hospital in Afghanistan, deaths in South Carolina from historically severe floods exaggerated by climate change and a final deal reached between negotiators for a trade pact that grants incredible protections to corporate powers […]

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Against “Broken Windows” Policing: A Response to George Kelling

George Kelling, one of the two criminologists to craft the ‘broken windows’ theory of policing has an article up on Politico, that increasingly neoliberal online mag, arguing that his theory has been a success, and where it hasn’t, that failure is due to the community under siege not coming to police itself. Bull. Rather than […]

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One Year After Mike Brown was Murdered, Many White Progressives are Still Complacent with Institutional Racism

Three Hundred and Sixty Five days separate us from the day of the murder of Mike Brown, though we are not so separate now from that murder, and while, as a white male, I could never be justified in making assessments on improvements for Black folk over that time, I can say, and feel obligated […]

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Sam Dubose was a Visible Victim of the Increasing Costs of Higher Education, While Victims in the Community are Largely Invisible

In becoming more and more unaffordable, higher education has become an increasingly pronounced appendage in the state security infrastructure that maintains class divisions and inequality; the violence to poor communities is often less direct than what we see here, pushing persons out of their homes in neighborhoods surrounding the campus for amenities expansions that cater […]


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Sandra Bland, Sensenbenner’s SAFE Act and Illusionary Reform

Good news. We’re making progress in reforming police brutality – instead of executing us in the streets police are hanging us in jails and framing us for murdering ourselves. This is the tragic story of Sandra Bland, a black educator and activist who was returning to Waller County, Texas from Chicago to begin a new […]

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President Obama’s Commutations, Zeferino, Police Violence and the War on Drugs

On Monday, July 13th, President Obama announced he would commute the sentences of 46 persons in prison for drug charges, arguing that because sentencing requirements have been lessened in general since their sentencing, it is fair that they serve the sentences they would receive today. This is a fair argument, but it obscures the point […]

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