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Queens of the Stone Age’s “Rated R”, and satire, censorship, and “stoner rock”

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was chatting with friends about favorite albums, and what became apparent to me, though I hadn’t quite realized the degree of it before, is my deep affection for Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R, which, coincidentally, is celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of its release on June 6th. Though […]

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Ralph Wedgwood on Internalist Moral Motivation

I recently picked up Ralph Wedgwood’s The Nature of Normativity, being one of the more recent exhaustive defenses of moral realism. I’ve taken to writing summaries of the books I read, rather than just annotating them, in an effort to better understand and internalize the overall arguments of books, and though I will likely post […]

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Spying for National Security Reasons vs. Spying for Economic Gain

In a surprising move, the United States has indicted members of the Chinese military on counts of cyber-espionage in stealing trade secrets from American corporations for the benefit of Chinese companies. Members of the Chinese government have dismissed the charges as ridiculous, and noted the hypocrisy of the United States in light of revelations about […]

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Notes on Robert Audi’s Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character, pt V: Conclusion

Conclusion “The Moral Justification of Actions and the Ethical Character of Persons” In this concluding essay, Audi makes further points on how a Rossian intuitionistic pluralism can be supplemented with Kant’s categorical imperative. A moral theory can be normatively complete on two levels, the first being that the theory accounts for the diversity of moral […]

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Notes on Robert Audi’s Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character, pt IV: Practical Reason and the Foundations of Ethics

Section IV: Practical Reason and the Foundations of Ethics “Autonomy, Reason and Desire” In a way, this essay is best understood as a further defense of the theory of responsibility Audi argues for in “Responsible Action and Virtuous Character” (in pt III). The intent of the current essay is to develop the conception of autonomy […]

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Notes on Robert Audi’s Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character, pt. III: Character, Responsibility and Virtue

Section III: Character, Responsibility and Virtue “Self-Deception, Rationalization, and the Ethics of Belief” While Audi is to be commended for the broad range of topics considered in this book, this essay is far too psychological for my taste, and so my comments will be brief, due to my lack of familiarity with the area. Audi’s […]

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A Few Thoughts on The Death Penalty

Opposition to the Death Penalty Should Be the Default View With the botched execution of Clayton Lockett comes renewed attention on an important topic in retributive justice, and an opportunity for abolitionists of the death penalty to make their arguments heard. Recently I have been stricken by how strange it is that the abolitionist must […]

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