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A Non-Review & A Critique of Critiques of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me

How does one “review” an essay on being black? One cannot. To do so implies that there is something fictitious, something fabricated, that can and ought to be altered in the recollections of a man trying to convey black-embodiment to any who will listen. And yet there have been many critiques of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recently […]

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Morality in Reservoir Dogs

I revisited one of my favorite films recently, the fiendishly repugnant, Reservoir Dogs, after a chance hearing of “Little Green Bag” in a commercial, the musical number that, over the opening credits, takes the audience from the pre-burglary breakfast to the post-burglary bloodbath. In reading some reviews and papers on the film, I noticed that […]

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Utilitarianism, Supererogatory Acts and the Demands of Morality

James Gray has posted a very interesting piece on the compatibility of act utilitarianism and supererogatory actions, a portion of which I want to discuss here. Supererogatory acts are those acts that would promote the most good, but which one is not morally required to do because of the large personal sacrifices they require. This type […]

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Thoughts on Ethical Vegetarianism pt II (the “all things are alive” response and moral motivation)

I’ve been engaging in some debate on the moral merits of a vegetarian diet and in doing so I’ve found myself frequently responding to the interesting argument that runs: all things are alive, so a vegetarian diet is not morally better than an omnivorous diet. I say it is an interesting argument not because it […]

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Some Thoughts on Ethical Vegetarianism

About a week ago I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t spurred by a sudden moral epiphany, rather I had wondered for some time whether a vegetarian diet was morally better than an omnivorous diet. I had convinced myself that eating meat was not immoral because it was perfectly natural, in an evolutionary […]

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Nietzsche on Morality

Though many of the entries I’ve posted on this blog have been elucidations of a general theory of moral realism, I have admitted that looming skepticism does make moral nihilism plausible. In fact, for some time I accepted something close to an error theory, with the minimal metaphysical and epistemological commitments of contractualism, though I […]

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Ralph Wedgwood on Internalist Moral Motivation

I recently picked up Ralph Wedgwood’s The Nature of Normativity, being one of the more recent exhaustive defenses of moral realism. I’ve taken to writing summaries of the books I read, rather than just annotating them, in an effort to better understand and internalize the overall arguments of books, and though I will likely post […]

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