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The Bernie Sanders Mandate on the Eve of the Iowa Caucus

Tomorrow night, the Sanders “can you spare three dollars for a ‘political revolution’?” machine faces off against the Clinton “I’ll take you to dinner and give you a signed copy of my book” machine. Over the past six months I’ve critiqued both Clinton and Sanders, but the majority of my criticism has been directed at […]

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Some Thoughts on Ethical Vegetarianism

About a week ago I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t spurred by a sudden moral epiphany, rather I had wondered for some time whether a vegetarian diet was morally better than an omnivorous diet. I had convinced myself that eating meat was not immoral because it was perfectly natural, in an evolutionary […]

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Genetically Modified Babies (and moral duties, harm, and moral disagreement)

The Washington Post reports that the FDA has begun reviewing a process of canceling out genetically inherited diseases by creating embryos with three genetic parents. While the article explains the science and the history of the process quite well, it fails to go into detail about the “ethical issues” posed by such a process, though […]

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