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July 30th: on the Koch Empire and the Gig-Economy’s Libertarian Threat to Democracy and Society

Context is key. The Bernie Sanders campaign organized the simultaneous meetings of thousands of speech-watching parties last night and did this with sixty paid staff members, half of them field organizers. The Clinton campaign employs around 340 staff members, sixty of them field organizers. And yet the Koch brothers’ big money coalition, lead by Americans […]

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Sam Dubose was a Visible Victim of the Increasing Costs of Higher Education, While Victims in the Community are Largely Invisible

In becoming more and more unaffordable, higher education has become an increasingly pronounced appendage in the state security infrastructure that maintains class divisions and inequality; the violence to poor communities is often less direct than what we see here, pushing persons out of their homes in neighborhoods surrounding the campus for amenities expansions that cater […]


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Sandra Bland, Sensenbenner’s SAFE Act and Illusionary Reform

Good news. We’re making progress in reforming police brutality – instead of executing us in the streets police are hanging us in jails and framing us for murdering ourselves. This is the tragic story of Sandra Bland, a black educator and activist who was returning to Waller County, Texas from Chicago to begin a new […]

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President Obama’s Commutations, Zeferino, Police Violence and the War on Drugs

On Monday, July 13th, President Obama announced he would commute the sentences of 46 persons in prison for drug charges, arguing that because sentencing requirements have been lessened in general since their sentencing, it is fair that they serve the sentences they would receive today. This is a fair argument, but it obscures the point […]

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Having Removed the Confederate Flag, We Must Remove the Gun Culture from the American Consciousness

In a beautiful celebration of human dignity, the Confederate flag, a blatant symbol of white supremacy, was removed from its place outside the South Carolina statehouse. It took a while, but it happened through democratic means – the people voiced their views, their representatives debated, and the right side won the day. The success of […]

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“Democrats”: Hillary Abuses Super PAC Powers as much as Republicans

With Super PACs, democrats, as a party personified by the Clinton campaign (because the media pushes personality-driven campaigns), are no less guilty of abusing their awesome powers than are republicans. The Jeb political apparatus has announced raising over $100 million so far, and, practically bragged about the lack of required independence from his Right to […]

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Note on Hartmann’s ‘The Crash of 2016’: the NY Stock Exchange, Hackers and Shocks

Spurred by yesterday’s events at the New York Stock Exchange (earlier today for us night owls), I want to take critical notice of Thom Hartmann’s The Crash of 2016, which I coincidentally finished the day prior. The book is incredibly well researched, and offers some new historical insights into the already well-documented history of the […]

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Eric Holder and the Revolving Door; Political Psychology and the “Consistent Interests” Argument; and Voter Apathy and Democracy

It’s no surprise, but Eric Holder is poised to return to Covington & Burling, the corporate law firm at which he was employed between being Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration and Attorney General in the Obama administration. In a case of a well-oiled revolving door, Holder, as Deputy Attorney General, wrote an influential […]

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Greece vs. the Troika: the Proxy War Between Democracy and Corporate Totalitarianism

Make no mistake, Greece’s “negotiations” with the troika are a proxy war between the forces of democracy and the global superpower that is corporate totalitarianism. The country where democracy was first conceived is being made an example of by the corporatists, sacrificing the people and the sovereignty of Greece, just to exhibit the collective power […]

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