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On Coffee, Parmenides and Anaxagoras: was the “first cause” coffee?

I’m quite particular when it comes to coffee; friends have lovingly, let’s say, referred to it as “snobbish” behavior. My ideal cup is a premium French roast brewed in a single serving stovetop espresso maker, taken black. No other method than this yields the superb balance of smoky cedar and pine wood chips, dark chocolate […]

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The Problem of Material Constitution

The antinomy of constitution is an argument that concludes that two material things can be in the same place at the same time, and thus brings attention to enigmas of sameness and identity. The antinomy of constitution can be standardized as: A piece of clay is a material thing. If a thing is created from […]

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Wedgwood on the Compatibility of Naturalism and Irreducibility

An argument for the irreducible naturalism thesis is advanced in the next chapter, and Wedgwood’s intention is to show that irreducibility is compatible with naturalism, such that he is not arguing for naturalism, just for this compatibility thesis, and so assumes a strong version of naturalism, as by extension, if irreducibility is compatible with a […]

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Ralph Wedgwood on The Metaphysics of Normative Facts

Part Two: The Metaphysics of Normative Facts In part two of The Nature of Normativity, Wedgwood delves into the messy metaphysics of normativity, and takes some pretty remarkable positions, which include, that “the intentional is normative”, that normative facts are causally efficacious, and that though normative facts and mental states are irreducible, his view is […]

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Kant’s Transcendental Idealism (and illusions, phenomena/noumena, and real vs logical possibility)

Just the other day SelfAwarePatterns published an excellent entry on the overuse of the phrase “illusion” in explaining away phenomena, and as I agree with the dangers of hasty reductionism, I chimed in with a Kantian-inspired comment on the objective reality of “the ways things appear” being guaranteed by a necessary connection to “the ways […]

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New Years Eve 2014 (and the metaphysics and metaphilosophy of the “now”)

With the beginning of a new calendar year often comes the inescapable feeling of the inevitability of passing time, though, perhaps not as arduously so as on one’s birthday. But is this feeling the result of an illusion? Is time “real” in the most profoundly metaphysical sense of the word? Even if there is such […]

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End Value (and intrinsic and extrinsic value)

It is a commonplace of philosophy that the different sorts of value that we ascribe to goods and states of affairs are of two kinds, end value and instrumental value. It has been the prevailing consensus that intrinsic and extrinsic value are interchangeable with these respective terms, or that intrinsic value supervenes on end value, […]

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