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CISA Forces us to Accept What we Would Not Rationally Choose

Yesterday, I was shopping in a store when a young woman stopped me and asked if she could take my photo and I could answer a few questions for a writing assignment in her English class in the vein of “Humans of New York”. I paused and thought for a moment before I politely declined. […]

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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Orwell and our “Greatest National Security Threat”

Asked what the greatest national security threat facing the United States is, Hillary Clinton gestured to nuclear weapons, implicating Iran, perhaps Pakistan (though the U.S. is quite cozy with Pakistan, with Obama set to sell eight F-16s to them shortly, despite their enabling and funding the Taliban), Martin O’Malley named nuclear Iran and climate change, and […]

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Remarks on Recent Obama Administration Policies: Syria, Encryption, and the TPP

Syria The Obama administration has announced that it will cease its efforts of continuing to assemble and train a fighting force of Syrian rebels after the public embarrassment of General Lloyd Austin admitting that at the time of his testimony in committee there were only a handful of fighters on the ground, and will instead […]

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Stingrays, Surveillance and Empire

On Thursday the Department of Justice issued a new policy requiring that “stingray” surveillance devices, portable fake cell phone towers that pinpoint the locations of all cell phones in the vicinity with cell phone signals, cannot be used by federal law enforcement officers without a warrant. The FBI will need to get a warrant to […]

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August 6th: Recent History in Conversation with Historical Markers

Today, August 6th marks 70 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and 50 years since the signing of the Voting Rights Act. Using the news of the past week, where are we in relation to these two historical events? Japan was already defeated by the time of the bombing, such that historians critical of the […]

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Is Surveillance by the NSA Just? Part II (On Sartre, Privacy, and the Other)

New revelations from old Snowden disclosures tell of the intelligence successes of internet surveillance, and prolonged intrusions into private affairs. No longer can it be said, as it had in the past, that the NSA has nothing to show for its surveillance program – documentation of foiled terrorist attacks has been read by journalists at […]

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Spying for National Security Reasons vs. Spying for Economic Gain

In a surprising move, the United States has indicted members of the Chinese military on counts of cyber-espionage in stealing trade secrets from American corporations for the benefit of Chinese companies. Members of the Chinese government have dismissed the charges as ridiculous, and noted the hypocrisy of the United States in light of revelations about […]

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