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Ahmed Mohamed Made a Clock but White Americans are Obsessed with Bombs

America’s conscience was shocked and awed by the trauma undergone by Ahmed Mohamed, a tinkering teenager who brought a clock he made to school, when he was arrested for the comfort of a white community who racially coded him as a terrorist due to the propaganda of perpetual war that has so blinded them. Commentators […]

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One Year After Mike Brown was Murdered, Many White Progressives are Still Complacent with Institutional Racism

Three Hundred and Sixty Five days separate us from the day of the murder of Mike Brown, though we are not so separate now from that murder, and while, as a white male, I could never be justified in making assessments on improvements for Black folk over that time, I can say, and feel obligated […]

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Money is not speech, it is an elected person

In reading Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert McChesney I was struck by a point that they made that I think should be elaborated on. Before I get to that I want to note that the book is a must-read. It is a stinging indictment of the American political system focusing on the money spent […]

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership, POTUS, Secrecy and Inequality

While no doubt the main event in the political world today is the Senate’s handling of the surveillance state (whether libertarian presidential candidate Rand Paul will delay debate on the reform bill “USA Freedom Act” long enough to cause the USA Patriot Act to expire at midnight) a no less pressing issue is the bill […]

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Freddie Gray had to Run

Freddie Gray’s unexplained death while in police custody has sparked new marches in Baltimore decrying the relations between law enforcement and black folks, but it has also, in taking this conversation to Baltimore, caused the conversation to evolve from the more mercurial dialogue than was present in Ferguson. Ferguson is representative of an exploitative power […]

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A Rant About People Who Criticize What People on Welfare Buy

The way people depend on welfare programs in America is sick. But I’m not talking about the people living on welfare. I’m speaking of the people who in righteous indignation condemn the poor for buying food of which they do not approve, depending on class antagonism to prop themselves up as the noble middle-class, the […]

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McCutcheon v. FEC (and freedom, money, and responsibility)

With the McCutcheon v. FEC ruling, we witness another decision in favor of inequality. While there were many erroneous conceptualizations running the majority decision, of principal importance is their understanding of money. For the conservatives on the court, it seems money is just a thing which carries no intrinsic weight, it may be gifted for […]

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