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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Orwell and our “Greatest National Security Threat”

Asked what the greatest national security threat facing the United States is, Hillary Clinton gestured to nuclear weapons, implicating Iran, perhaps Pakistan (though the U.S. is quite cozy with Pakistan, with Obama set to sell eight F-16s to them shortly, despite their enabling and funding the Taliban), Martin O’Malley named nuclear Iran and climate change, and […]

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How is Sanders a Socialist if he Cannot Push Clinton to the Left on Foreign Policy?

With Hillary Clinton expressing doubts about the Trans-Pacific Partnership after much delay, we see another instance where the Bernie Sanders campaign has pushed her to the left. It is a modest victory, of course, as she made no to commitments to pull the U.S. out of the deal, as Sanders has. But she has recently […]

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Remarks on Recent Obama Administration Policies: Syria, Encryption, and the TPP

Syria The Obama administration has announced that it will cease its efforts of continuing to assemble and train a fighting force of Syrian rebels after the public embarrassment of General Lloyd Austin admitting that at the time of his testimony in committee there were only a handful of fighters on the ground, and will instead […]

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The Koch Brothers and President Obama both Propose Merely Superficial Reforms of Carceral Apparatuses

If the five corporate media entities that attended last months Koch brothers conference are deserving of criticism for merely restating the Koch Brothers’ dubious claims of being criminal justice reformers and freedom fighters for the poor, they are just as deserving of criticism for “reporting” that President Obama intends to close Guantanamo Bay. Both the […]

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