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When mulling over a philosophical problem or antinomy, I have found that it can be conducive to well reasoned thinking to indulge in some improvisation on a musical instrument. On Sunday I was writing an entry on a Kantian perspective on gun ownership, and took a break to play a little guitar, during which time […]

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Law and Morality (Columbia MD, gun rights, consequentialism, Kantianism, and client counseling)

I was responding to a very interesting comment on another blog when some new thoughts on an issue that I find myself thinking about frequently quickly materialized: the intersection and overlap of law and morality. It’s a thorny issue for me, because as a moral realist I think that there are objective moral truths and […]

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Columbia, Maryland (and rights, gun control, and arguments from analogy)

I have refrained from writing on the controversial topic of gun control but I feel now that I must address it as today’s shooting in Columbia mall is literally too close to home for me to not comment – my father goes to a new age church in Columbia, Maryland, and I have friends who […]

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