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Queens of the Stone Age’s “Rated R”, and satire, censorship, and “stoner rock”

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was chatting with friends about favorite albums, and what became apparent to me, though I hadn’t quite realized the degree of it before, is my deep affection for Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R, which, coincidentally, is celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of its release on June 6th. Though […]

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“Equality — Which?” Reblog from Paradigm Library

Originally posted on Paradigm Library:
A recent academic debate has both disturbed and motivated me. Disturbed because of many reasons but the most relevant, intellectually, is that very smart individuals speak of equality but seem unclear as to what it means, exactly, and how it translates operationally into the various social arrangements. And it has…



Internalism and externalism are notions common to various subfields of philosophy. Here, I allude to externalism in the sense of externalized cognition in philosophy of mind, a la, David Chalmers and Andy Clark. My intention is to externalize my memory, so that memories will be stored outside of my skull. Christopher Nolan’s Momento is a […]

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