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Agent-Causal Free Will

In perusing WordPress over the past few days I have found that the majority of philosophical entries touch on the issue of free will in some way, such that I have decided that today I will add to this dialogue. My interest in free will is for the most part centered on making room for […]

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Robot & Frank (and Rossian Pluralism)

In continuing with the recent discussion of robot ethics, I want to  consider the challenge to absolute, monistic moral reasons posed by a movie I just watched for the first time, “Robot & Frank”. I greatly enjoyed the movie — aside from its predominate focus on morality, it also dealt a great deal with theories […]

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Louie (and Kierkegaard’s concept of anxiety)

I recently found my way back to the absurdist yet dry comedy series that is Louie and an episode I viewed today caused me to revisit Soren Kierkegaard’s theory on anxiety. In the episode Louie goes on a date with an eccentric woman named Liz, during which they wander the streets of NYC, going to […]

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Alan (and the ethics of Turing tests [Ought a computer to pass the Turing test?])

TED has been publishing an excellent series of blogs this week on the ethics of drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has implored me to write on another ethical dimension of artificial intelligence: that a computer would have to lie in order to pass the Turing test. I want to spend a moment providing some […]

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Paul (and equal opportunity)

Paul Ryan is a fascinating conservative republican because unlike most members of the GOP or the tea party (though Mike Lee is said to be stumping on poverty) he professes to be concerned about poverty in the United States. To this end he laments diminishing equality of opportunity. You might think, “He must actually be […]

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Bernie (and virtue ethics)

Last night my girlfriend and I watched Bernie, the story of a virtuous man, played by Jack Black, who murders a close friend, and is sentenced to life in prison. The narrative is not much more expansive than that, the first half of the movie focuses on how virtuous a person Bernie is: among other […]

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The Long Game

I have an immense respect for Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. As such, I think he is probably right when he derides political commentators for getting in a tizzy about 2016. Maybe he is right that such predictions are useless, but they are what the public demands! I, for one, am quite the statistics […]

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Internalism and externalism are notions common to various subfields of philosophy. Here, I allude to externalism in the sense of externalized cognition in philosophy of mind, a la, David Chalmers and Andy Clark. My intention is to externalize my memory, so that memories will be stored outside of my skull. Christopher Nolan’s Momento is a […]

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