A Word or Two on Soundbites and Myth at the Third Republican Debate

Fact-checking last night’s Republican debate would be fruitless, these sophists spoke of American myth, reaffirming old lore and telling new fables. It is a testament to the burning desire of the American people for collectivistic pursuit of shared prosperity that we are so vulnerable to the manipulations of nationalistic demagoguery even when it takes a repulsive individualistic bent wielded to justify extreme inequality. As the living conditions of the majority of the populace become more despicable, as they are individually consumed by the engines of a service economy that has no one to serve, they take refuge in the collective in order to escape themselves, in Kierkegaardian fashion, resigning from miserable individual existences to receive the peace of nationalistic universality. They yearn for salvation in communal universal goods and yet receive poison in the mythic propaganda of American individualism from the political Elite.


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  1. #1 by siriusbizinus on October 29, 2015 - 10:11 pm

    Oh, this problem is a big one, and I for one cannot fathom why the GOP is drinking its own Kool-Aid. They’re like the drug dealer who ends up using his or her own product: paranoid, alone, and in trouble. Their narrative abandons reality in a way that even fiction writers couldn’t justify. It’s the same party of Hoover, who had the audacity to just let the country sink into the Great Depression.

    Somehow we are locked into this system, with no simple way out of it. I feel at times like we are on a locomotive barreling across rickety tracks towards an unfinished bridge, with only a deep ravine and gravity to welcome our ruin.

    • #2 by ausomeawestin on November 6, 2015 - 9:17 am

      Well said!

      It seems enough time has passed that cynical electioneering ploys have become unverifiable & a priori ideology.

      We’re seeing it play out in real time with climate change and the oil companies — exxon knew burning fossil fuels was destroying the planet but denied it for so long that the memo can’t seem to get in the G.O.P. candidates’ heads now. Remarkable.

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