One Reason to Support Bernie Sanders for President


The media keeps us misinformed and distracted from political policies that profoundly affect our lives, while using opinion polls to control public opinion rather than measure it. Bernie Sanders is breaking through these structures of thought-control for one simple reason: he is describing the reality that Americans across the country are seeing – underemployment, unemployment, fears of cuts in work-time, anxiety about reductions in company provided benefits, growing indebtedness…

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive global trade deal that will cover 40% of the world’s GDP and will set precedents for trade deals with Europe and China, will only exacerbate our worsening living conditions (recall NAFTA), and for this reason Sanders is opposed to the pact. Briefly, trade deals work by making it less expensive for foreign countries to sell their goods to the United States, with the consequence that Americans who make those same goods here see their hours, wages and benefits, even their work contracts, slashed for American companies to stay competitive. Sanders has many proposals for improving the living conditions of Americans but his opposition to the TPP provides a singular reason to support him, and makes him stand out from all other candidates for president.

Just last night, ministers from the twelve countries in the first round of TPP negotiations left without a final agreement, which had been the purpose of their meeting. The negotiations temporarily failed because Canada would not open wider their dairy market, Japan would not open further their rice market, and other nations would not agree to U.S. demands that nations enforce intellectual property rights for twelve years, with these other nations arguing that a shorter term would allow world consumers to have access to affordable medicine sooner — obviously a fair reason. It is revealing that the parties cannot come to an agreement: trade pacts are bad for their respective countries but they feel obligated to be there lest they damage political relations with the other participating nations. There are expectations that the negotiations, which have been occurring in secret for the past six years, will continue into next year, even into the first term of the president elected in 2016.

For this reason we must elect Bernie Sanders president. If the deal is still being negotiated he will cease negotiations. If the deal has been concluded he will nullify the pact or renegotiate. Our means of living are at stake. I hope you will support Bernie Sanders for president.

A concerned neighbor,


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  1. #1 by JoAnn Chateau on August 1, 2015 - 9:05 pm

    #feelthebern !!!

  2. #2 by jmeqvist on August 2, 2015 - 6:22 pm

    Completely agree about the TPP and Sanders, and I hope, from a Canadian perspective, that in our upcoming election we elect the NDP as they are the only major party who seems to display any resistance to the TPP.

    The international regime around intellectual property is particularly frustrating, and shows a deep disdain for concerns around public health, and the needs of developing countries.

    The trouble however is that there are systemic reasons, within the context of global politics, that you point to, for moving towards these problematic forms of trade agreements to preserve relations. The question beyond the national question of who to vote for in our respective country’s election is how a fair and humane global order can be created that is neither capitalist internationalist nor excessively nationalistic.

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