Keeping them honest #1: The fall of Brian Williams (REBLOG from LEFT FRONT)

The central point, to me: “With this logic, if it truly is the duty of the media to pursue fallen journalists like Williams for lying, shouldn’t it also be obliged to reveal the lies of the most senior officials in the U.S. government? Rational thinkers would say yes, but to those in the news media who want to stay on the good side of the political establishment would oppose this sentiment to maintain interviews and coverage they need so much, even if it means publicizing propaganda and not telling the public the truth about who runs this country, which of course, is all about credibility.”

My response: Very well said! That seems to be the tension of a having an embedded news-media industry. Because it is his career, the journalist has to be looking at the “long-game” of their reporting. They can’t alienate themselves from the newsmakers by challenging the truth of little matters, so that they can keep themselves around for the big scandals. And that’s the problem, the public gets screwed while journalists pump out the heavily retracted news while they wait for their career making scoop. It’s demonstrated irrationality on their part — in the hope of being a major scandal breaker they distribute falsehoods daily, they go against their principles in the immediate and present moment for an unrealistic reward in the distant future. But what happens when the major career making scandal never presents itself? Then they just peddled bullshit for their whole career to the detriment of the public!

Left Front

As consumers of the news, we rely on the media to faithfully execute their job in delivering the news to us.  However, it is not always the case that they do this.  Sometimes news media outlets purposely lie to us; embellish stories, and only cover one side of an issue.  Of course, some outlets are guilty of this more than others (*cough* Fox News! *cough*).  Objectivity is a necessity to conscientiously educate the masses.  It is not only important to recognize when news sources act irresponsibly so that we are not influenced by their propaganda, but our reaction and the actions we take to prevent further lies has become increasingly important through the development of the information age.  This new series here on my blog, Keeping them honest, is an attempt to expose the shortcomings of the modern news media, particularly partisan media, and demand greater honesty from those…

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