Luxury Cardboard Box

A few nights ago I watched “Margin Call”, a tight lipped drama about the unscrupulous actions that started the 2008 recession, starring Kevin Spacey (I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for the new season of House of Cards, definitely the most addicting show I’ve ever watched; in the movie as in the show, Spacey is awe-inspiring in his conviction). It reminded me of a tune I wrote a year or so ago and deciding it would be fun to share it on here, recorded it the next day. Here it is, set to pictures of my dog. The lyric is:

“Does the chain on your white collar feel longer when you’re driving in your luxury car—–d board box?”

The rhythm guitar and vocals were recorded on the same track/take, so I can’t edit out the cough, but even if I could, I don’t know if I would, because when overdubbing the guitar solo I just happened, while getting ready, to play a muted note at the same time, creating a sort of duet of accidents, and to me, it makes it feel like the solo was in the same spirit and in sync with the rest of the tune. Also, note that the pinch harmonics at the end of the solo almost sound like a dog barking.

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