Internalism and externalism are notions common to various subfields of philosophy. Here, I allude to externalism in the sense of externalized cognition in philosophy of mind, a la, David Chalmers and Andy Clark. My intention is to externalize my memory, so that memories will be stored outside of my skull. Christopher Nolan’s Momento is a great example of externalized memory. If you haven’t seen it then I advise you do; it successfully captures the qualia of disorientation from a lack of memory. I won’t say more.

But that is the goal of this project. An externalization of my memory. Alas, if only personal identity were constituted by memories, then I might live forever! Locke was wrong about that one. 

All of this is to say that I don’t have a topic that I wish to speak on today. This is more of an introduction to the themes of this blog, by being representative of what I am likely to write about. 

  1. #1 by Sreejith on December 7, 2013 - 10:57 am

    That sounds interesting; let me try to watch Momento.

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